is a journal documenting several weeks of the summer 2013 

during which @rafszul and @tala703 

unplugged from the net went on to  extend their activities offline  

and met humans

the result was a small collaborative digital production agency weAreThePlayMakers focused on working with analog artists from hackney, london, uk trying to bridge the gap between the cloud and grassroots

Always be testing!

the journal is made up solely from pictures made with the use of ComiCa an android app
by Japanese digital agency
Axcel Mode Co.

the idea was to test and apply in practice certain methods and tools for note taking allowing for easy creation of engaging content 

as such the test was a part of a greater project aimed at finding out easy and efficient ways of creating variety of digital products for the purpose of personal and professional marketing/branding campaigns on digital channels

scope and people:

the journal was documenting travels around London, 

meetings with artists and young entrepreneurs mostly from creative industries 

and began covering the span of only two days

naturally it stayed with us for longer mostly thanks to amazing work 

by the Japanese developers

thanks guys! great work!

that's when the summer ended

unlike our note-taking so there are additional pics on ecceHomo facebook page 
plus all the references to those you just saw so go and check it out 

we would expect ourselves to upload the whole new 2014
so you might want to visit and like our page as well 

in the meantime good luck and take it easy 

rafszul and tala703 for weAreThePlayMakers

see the source code + all graphics on github.